Jelena Woehr

Latest News: Diggin' life in LA. You know how many degrees it was where I used to live when I typed this? Ten. If I can count the Fahrenheits on my fingers, it's too cold.

In less weather-related news, this video makes my heart soar, I launched this blog, there's something secret + awesome I helped to make happen here, and I completed my first 25-mile endurance ride in 5th place out of 20. (Think ultramarathons, but with horses. 25 miles is for novices like me.) 

I also wrote some stuff about community management for CMX Hub, and for

I'm writing some not-yet-public stuff in the fiction arena, in line with my lifelong love of noir crime literature. If you like creepy sh*t, mysteries, and complicated female protagonists who don't look at themselves in the mirror and evaluate their bodies in the first chapter (or ever), get in touch.

A grossly incomplete mini-collection of products I like, inspired by the first on the list: Product Hunt, Boomerang,, LastPassMailTrack, GrooveYet Another Mail Merge, Dials (unreleased), Quibb, Gifshot, Dash, Ethanifier

Availability: I am currently available for speaking engagements on social creativity, creative changemaking, career development in the Millennial generation, finding a purpose-driven career, and more. Please click "Contact Me" to chat. 

For a speaking sample, please Listen to my talk with Peter Shankman at Blogworld East, June 6th 2012. (Short on time? Try the Storify version.)

About Me:

Director of Community at GOOD. When I'm not working, I study calligraphy, spend time with my rescued horses, and explore my new neighborhood. I love my careerpublic speaking, familyintersectionalitymysteries, em-dashescomma-separated lists, learning, civil rights, freedom fighters,  languages, pictures of catsscience, interfaithmy country, and you. Not in that order.

Selected media clips:

NABJ Hangout with Kenny Irby
The Colorado Statesman
Seattle Times
CBS (video)

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