Jelena Woehr

Latest News: This update is a big one! I'm delighted to announce that I'm taking on a new challenge as Director of Community for GOOD. This move represents for me the opportunity to bring my professional talents together with my personal commitment to leave the world a better place than I found it. I can't tell you how in love I am with GOOD's community of creative, solution-focused changemakers, or with the incredible colleagues I've met. If you share our commitment to changing the world for the better, c'mon over, and send me your feedback, please!

This change also meant a move for me. I'm now residing in Los Angeles. (Los Feliz, to be exact.) Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you just when you think you know it all. I would have told you three or four months ago that I'd never like living in the big city. Turns out it's the greatest adventure of my life thus far, and this city surprises me with its beauty, humanity, and wildness every day. Hit me up if you have an off the beaten path tip for an event or attraction in my newfound home.

Congrats to Shannon Fender, 2014's Colorado Business Women statewide Young Careerist winner! I was honored to nominate Shannon, and thrilled when she won. As 2013's winner, I couldn't think of a better gal to cede the trophy to.

Availability: I am currently available for speaking engagements on the transmedia for social impact, career development in the Millennial generation, social media for a career change, and more. Please click "Contact Me" to chat. 

Listen to my talk with Peter Shankman at Blogworld East, June 6th 2012. (Short on time? Try the Storify version.)

About Me:

Director of Community at GOOD. When I'm not working, I study calligraphy, spend time with my rescued horses, and explore my new neighborhood. I love my career, social media, petspublic speaking, familythird wave feminism, intersectionalitymysteries, em-dashescomma-separated lists, learning, civil rights,  languages, pictures of catsscience, interfaith, politics, my Congressman, my country, and you. Not in that order.


Selected media clips:

NABJ Hangout with Kenny Irby
The Colorado Statesman
Disability Now
Seattle Times
Aol News
CBS (video)

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