Jelena Woehr

Jelena woehr

Jelena Woehr is a writer, editor, creative, educator, and multitalented businesswoman residing in Los Angeles. Her produced scripted audio work appears on the Amazon Echo Dot: Kids’ Edition (Disney skill) and on the Parcast podcasts “Serial Killers,” “Hostage,” and more.

Her spec pilots for television have been recognized in major competitions, including: Top Three Winner, UCLA Extension Writers Program TV Writing Competition (2018); semi-finalist, Sundance Episodic Lab (2018); semi-finalist, Macro Episodic Lab (2018); and semi-finalist, Issa Rae x Color Creative Script to Screen Contest (2018).

Jelena’s work appears in print in publications including Thrice Fiction Magazine and Equus Magazine, and online at sites including i-D (from Vice), Business Insider, CMX Hub and Medium.

Professional Experience



Writer for top-ranking scripted podcasts, including Serial Killers, Hostage, Assassinations, Cults, and more. Extensively research historical true crime topics. Rewrite, edit, and combine podcast scripts by freelance writers. Assist in development of new shows.

Blueprint LSAT

Teach classroom and online LSAT courses. Tutor students individually. Speak about the LSAT at university events.

freelance writer
disney digital

APR. 2018 - AUG. 2018
60-part work-for-hire scripted audio project for Amazon Echo Dot: Kids Edition, writing within major animated movie franchise.

Flipagram (Acquired 2017 by bytedance)

DEC. 2014 - DEC. 2017
Led teams of up to 20 on three continents. Assisted in international integration after acquisition by China's fastest-growing tech company. Managed global community of tens of millions of short video creators. Built, trained, and led team managing influencer relations, editorial, support, moderation, focus groups, legal process, user privacy and more. Planned and executed offline activations, including VidCon presence. Managed user acquisition program, which achieved the lowest Google Adwords cost-per-install (CPI) ever for US Android app downloads.

Director of Community
GOOD Worldwide, Inc.

FEB. 2014 - DEC. 2014
Led the team responsible for growth and engagement on GOOD’s community platform; as well as support, moderation, and events for the community product. Co-created vision for strategic pivot away from Web platform to mobile app. Led beta program for app that gained financial support from the Gates Foundation and California Endowment.

Community Manager
Yahoo Contributor Network (formerly associated content, acquired 2010)

JUN. 2009 - JAN. 2014
Helped grow massive user-generated content platform. Managed community of 500,000+ freelance writers. Edited and assigned Yahoo TV content. Represented organization at conferences, including two keynotes. Developed Yahoo Contributor Academy, an interactive curriculum for freelance writers. 

SENior social marketer
Disaboom, Inc. 

DEC. 2007 - JUN. 2009
Promoted the world’s first social network designed for the disability community. Wrote blog chosen for inclusion in the Library of Congress. Occasionally crashed the entire platform with massive social referral traffic.

Distinguished women’s wednesday morning murder club

Organize and host monthly intimate, craft-focused professional development events for women crime writers.

City organizer, los angeles
Tech Ladies

FEB. 2017 - JUL. 2018
Planned and executed monthly events for Los Angeles women in tech community, in collaboration with national Tech Ladies organization.

volunteer victim advocate
victim outreach

APR. 2012 - FEB. 2014
On-call for eight local Police Departments. Provided trauma support for victims and witnesses of crimes against persons. Trained in the same trauma support method taught to US diplomats and ambassadors. Present on-scene for cases of domestic violence, rape, homicide, unattended death and more. 

Jelena is bright and brilliant — a big thinker with a sharp intellect and awesome communication skills. She has an impressive capacity and range of abilities. She bangs out eloquent copy at the drop of the hat and pulls innovative solutions to complex problems out of thin air.
— Darnell Witt, Sr. Director, Support Community at Vimeo


endurance riding


Outside of writing, my passion is endurance riding. Endurance riding is an equestrian sport in which horse and rider teams compete to complete distances of between 25 and 100 miles safely, within prescribed time limits and with the approval of veterinarians stationed throughout the course. Think of this sport as the ultramarathon of the horse world. Unlike flat track horseracing, endurance riding takes place at a lower relative speed and on varied, often mountainous terrain. Endurance is a sport that prizes radical self-sufficiency, with most riders carrying all they need to care for themselves and their mounts throughout a competition on their bodies and saddles. My long-term goal is to complete the 100 mile Tevis Cup, known as "the world's toughest horse race." You can view my current ride record at any time by looking up my name on Unlike most extreme sports, endurance riding is female-dominated. Many champions riding at the international level are also grandmothers! Don’t let that fun fact make you think this sport is easy, though. Endurance riders expend as much energy as cyclists over long distances, and occupational hazards include serious injury incurred in areas unreachable by ambulance. It’s not for the faint of heart, but it is a truly beautiful way to see the wilderness.





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